The company BRITEX, located  Drève de l’Infante in Waterloo, specializes in the trade of bedding items, mainly Blankets. She is represented by Mr. Thierry Tassier.

Working and studying mainly articles responding to a Customer requiest, niche niches with significant added value have always been sought to emerge from the frantic competition wich prevails in the textile field.

It is in this perspective of seeking a specific and high-end niche that Mr. Tassier bought the famous Internationale brand SOLE MIO.

The SOLE MIO brand, of Belgian origin, is world famous, it was originaly the " flagship" brand and the pride of the MANTA factories in Waasmunster, one of the most famous and talented factories for making Belgian blankets.

From the acquisition of the Brand in april 2005, BRITEX sought to rehabilitate the prestigious image of the SOLE MIO Brand.