Bed size



Simple bed de 90x190cm 140x200cm 180x240cm
Simple bed de 120x200cm 200x200cm 180x240cm
Double bed de 140x200cm 240x220cm 220x240cm
Queen Size de 160x200cm 240x220cm 240x260cm
King Size de 180-200x200cm 240x260cm 260x300cm


Quilt for one person :

The size per default for a bed one person is 140x200, but in order to have more ease and better fallen off the quilt around the bed, you will have to opt for the quilt 200x200. 

For a bed size of 120x190 of 120x200, the perfect size is 200x200.

Quilt for 2 persons :

For a standard bed 2 persons, the standard dimension is 220x240 to have a sufficient cover on your bed.

For a sofa-bed; or a flat mattress on the floor, we recommend you to buy the quilt 200x200 to decrease the risk of the quilt to rub the floor.